"Hiring you makes me feel like I'm a bad leader. It’s like an indictment of my leadership.” (Interesting for consultants to ponder...)
"HIPPOs (highest paid people) in the room rarely address the elephants in the room :)"
Some thought-provoking comments from my Columbia masters program check-in call tonight!
I, in a way, have been on both sides of the table for both of those quotes. One of the areas I've been working on more growth is trying to put myself in others' shoes more often. Trying to see what they see. Hear what they hear. Realizing that there isn't necessarily one truth - but multiple realities.
Sometimes it's helpful when I can think back to a time that I acted a certain way... as someone else is presenting acting. That's not always the perfect remedy for a variety of reasons, not to mention the many times I don't have a personal experience to compare/contrast to.
Ah, the journey ...
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